Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thing #23.5

Sorry, sorry, sorry!! Traveling through time my lips and voice ended up in two different continuums. Also I am only 22 and this video makes me look like a 62 year old woman!! What a shock. Anyway, what got cut off at the end of the video : Ocean County library has upwards of 1.2 million books. Our circulation is 4,500,000 and we have 600 plus employees. I learned these and many other facts at the Library. You can learn something new at the Ocean County Library every single day. (Even at home online-Ocean County Library Home Page.)

Produced and Directed by: Susan A.M. Baldwin
Written and Read by: Jo-Ann Marootian
Filmed at Bayview Island Studios
Transcripts available upon request (for a small fee) ;)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thing #23 - Wrapping Up

My favorite thing was learning about posting pictures. It was the first time I took digital pictures. I was excited to use the scanner as well. I liked most things about Web 2.0. It was just too much for me to learn about at one time. Some weeks it was hours of work for me. I couldn't do it at work as I only work 5 hours a day. I guess people who are computer literate didn't take as long but I'm not one of those people. I really didn't have time to go back and use some of these things and now I may have forgotten important facts. The site I use the most is "Library Thing".

I think the library should use as many of the "Things" as they can. They were all valuable in a different way and for different people. I made some suggestions in my blogs about implementation.

I shared "Upcoming Events" with Heather Andolsen(PR) and she used it!! It was on the Web 2.0 Awards. If you read my blog posts you will see I shared many "Things" with my daughter and son-in-law. They use them for work, school and personal use. I shared my favorite "You Tube" with many people at work. If you want to see it, it is embedded in my blog.

I'm hoping to do a video as my "swan song".

Thing # 22 - Listen NJ

My own challenge with the 22nd thing: 7 Things About Listen NJ
  1. It is NOT for dial-up - thank goodness we are "stealing" wireless from a nice neighbor that doesn't feel the need to secure the transmission
  2. You have to load a bunch of stuff onto your daughters laptop
  3. There are 7, yes 7, parts to Anne of the Isles (the book I picked)....just a warning
  4. I could borrow a book and read it faster than figure out all of this "stuff" (pardon my French)
  5. I am glad we are learning this "stuff" when the library tosses all of its books I guess this will be the only way to "read"
  6. Doing 22 things is one more than my daughter could handle
  7. She would have rather made her own podcast (don't get any ideas)
In all seriousness, we did manage to load everything necessary and burn a CD of the book that I will listen to. I feel that I could not have done this alone that it was beyond my capabilities...but my daughter (who types while I dictate) types what she wants and says that I could have.

Thing #21 - Finding and listening to podcasts

There is a great variety of information out there. I listened to a Scientific American podcast (found via and didn't understand a word they were saying about plasma (not the blood type of plasma...the black hole type). I thought the Naked Scientists were a little more accessible as far as science goes...more humorous. Of course, there is a lot more out there than science. I also listened to The Onion (found via Odeo) and had a good laugh. It reminded me of the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update from the early days. Especially funny was "Man from Last Week Smacked into Present Day". Please enjoy.

Thing #20 - YouTube & you

I found many videos I enjoyed on YouTube but I especially liked The Evolution of Dance,
OK-Go's video, as well as some of the funny cat videos such as Funny Cats. But my favorite is An Engineers Guide to Cats...the video I show here....that's right....I embedded it....please enjoy. OK, OK, I had help with the embedding but I could have done it myself if I had a few more years to finish the challenge.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thing #19 - Web 2.0 Awards

On the list of Web Awards I went to As a test, I looked up The Mill on the Floss by George Elliot. As a comparison I looked it up on to help me understand the difference between the two. I realized the great thing about Biblio is you can locate 1st Editions, signed copies, or any special editions. They also offered the Ezine for book lovers which talked about new books, book reviews which included children's books (which you rarely see), and gift certificates (great for bibliophiles!).
The second website I visited off the list was Upcoming. It lists events happening in any area and can show events by county. WHY ISN'T OCL USING THIS?!?!?!?! Burlington and Atlantic City Libraries as well as OCC is using it for their events. It also has some unusual services such as the scrapbooking option and the ability to invite friends to a specific event and track attendance.

I plan to go back and look at some other websites later such as BeGreen and check out my carbon footprint. daughter (who has been coaching me through this process) found many interesting website for both herself and her husband!! The knowledge is spreading!!!!

Thing # 18 - Web Apps

Personally, I don't have an application in work for Google Docs. I do have some suggestions though. In a very small way I helped with Flower Fest. Several people were involved in the planning and execution as is usually the case. I think Google Docs would have been great there.
I think J. Stokes might also be able to use this for the weekly Heads Up.

My aformentioned son-in-law has signed up with Zoho to share documents with his doctoral advisor. ( I think he should mention me or at least the Web Challenge in his thesis because of all the new technology we have shared.) O.K. Here is the reason he liked this "Thing", the people he wanted to share his documents with had MACS and were unable to view his work. ZOHO allowed them all to look at the documents at the same time with no problem.